The EU has issued a ban on the use of aloe extracts in food products and supplements due to the presence of hydroxyanthracene derivatives (HAD’s). The organic aloe vera powder BiAloe® is one of the few ingredients that complies with the new EU regulations.

In 2020, the European Commission released a draft regulation suggesting that the use of certain aloe extracts, such as hydroxyanthracene derivatives, should be prohibited from being used in food products and herbal supplements in the EU.  

The regulation was put into action after the EFSA found themselves unable to determine a daily intake amount that would not give rise to potential health concerns. The ban will impact anyone on the EU market that use these ingredients for food products and supplements. The ban does not impact aloe ingredients used for topical application. Earlier this year the draft regulation was formalized into EU 2021/468 that established the presence level of Aloe-Emodin, Emodin, and Aloin A & Aloin B to be ≥ 1 ppm.

Fortunately, BiAloe from Lorand Labs has proven itself to comply with the new regulation.

BiAloe® – The Most Bio-Available Aloe vera Ingredient

BiAloe is one of the highest quality, most bio-available, and most immunomodulatory Aloe vera L. available.  The organic farming and processing affect the Aloe Poly Acetyl Mannans content and its bioavailability, meaning that 160 mg of BiAloe is more effective than 3-10 times the amount of other commercially available Aloe vera’s; making BiAloe the most cost effective Aloe vera available today.

Few other brands of Aloe vera can match the quality of farming, processing, and quality control that Lorand employs in the production of BiAloe.

What Separates BiAloe® from Other Brands?

Due to a technological breakthrough in Aloe vera processing, Lorand Labs has developed an ingredient that has a bio-active profile nearly identical to that of natural Aloe vera inner gel leaf. This means that the ingredient has no bitter taste and is virtually Aloin/Emodin-free with no laxative effects. The presence level of Aloin/Emodin in any lot of BiAloe is 0.1 ppm (mg/Kg) of a 0.7% water solution. The stringent new European regulation allows for a maximum of 1 ppm, 10 times more!

BiAloe - The Perfection of Aloe vera Processing™

BiAloe® Available Formulations

BiAloe is an organic, free-flowing powder that can easily be formulated into several nutritional supplement products, such as:

  • Tablet
  • Powders
  • Effervescent
  • Stick pack
  • Beverages
  • Bar formulations

It is completely water soluble and can be combined with other ingredients. The recommended daily intake is 160 mg.

BiAloe - The Perfection of Aloe vera Processing™

Why Lorand Labs is a Preferred Partner of Biogredia

Lorand Laboratories was created with the sole purpose of manufacturing the world’s best Aloe vera products. The company was founded by Dr. Santiago Rodriguez, a world-renowned Aloe vera expert. Lorand Labs is guided by his unmatched knowledge, vision, and experience in the creation of the perfect aloe vera ingredient.

Do you wish to learn more about BiAloe? Reach out to Bengt for more information regarding relevant research and advice.

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