HydroCurc® Proven to Ease Joint Health and Muscle Damage

HydroCurc®, the world’s most bioavailable curcumin in a single dose, has been clinically proven to aid with muscle soreness, and support joint and cognitive health.

HydroCurc®, from the award-winning producer Pharmako Biotechnologies, solves the absorption challenges of traditional curcumin by using the innovative dispersion technology LipiSperse®.

Consequently, customers worldwide are now able to absorb the highest dose of curcuminoids per ml of blood plasma (1). In September 2023, HydroCurc® won the NutraIngredients Asia Healthy Ageing Award 2023.

The World’s Most Bioavailable Curcumin

In a nutshell, bioavailability is the portion of an ingredient that enters into the body’s circulation and is able to have an active effect. Unfortunately, turmeric and standard curcuminoid extracts tend to be poorly absorbed by the body, meaning that any potential effect is rapidly eliminated.

Pharmako Biotechnologies believes that increased absorption is the key to unlock the many benefits curcumin has to offer. With HydroCurc®, they use the patented novel dispersion technology LipiSperse® to increase absorption. This cold-water dispersible system makes curcumin, which is otherwise hydrophobic, more easily dispersed and, consequently, more bioavailable.


HydroCurc® solves the absorption challenges of curcumin using the innovative dispersion technology LipiSperse®

Gabarelax™ features

HydroCurc® can be incorporated into a broader range of convenient formulations, such as:

• Powders
• Tablets
• Capsules
• Beverages
• Functional Foods
• Gels
• Gummies
• Effervescents

Can HydroCurc® Be Combined with other Ingredients?

HydroCurc® is often combined with Levagen®+ This is a clinically studied PEA (Palmitoylethanolamide) that can aid in managing discomfort and enhance our overall feeling of well-being. But how do they work together?

Essentially, curcumin and palmitoyethanolamide are both potent anti-inflammatory ingredients that strongly benefit anyone struggling with joint health and/or muscle damage. A formulation containing a combination of these ingredients will act via different mechanisms of action, thereby resulting in a quick and effective formula.


To the left, you will see standard curcumin showing its poor solubility in water. The other glass contains HydroCurc®, which is fully dispersed thanks to its patented LipiSperse® technology.

Why Choose HydroCurc®?

• The most bioavailable curcumin in a single dose
• Fast acting
• Low dose

• Gold-standard clinical studies to support
its efficacy
• Made in TGA and cGMP approved facilities ensuring manufacturing of the highest quality and control

Clinical Study Results for HydroCurc®

Clinical studies have demonstrated the following benefits:

Curcumin improves delayed onset muscle soreness and post-exercise lactate accumulation: The result of this study suggests curcumin might facilitate a quicker return to exercising and/or allow a higher intensity than the placebo by reducing post-exercise pain, modulating inflammatory pathways, and reducing lactate accumulation in an exercising part of the population (2).

Improvement of joint health in an adult population: HydroCurc® was compared to a placebo in a randomised, double-blind study.

By day 11, there was a significant difference between groups in the morning VAS score (3).

Co-administration of iron and a bioavailable curcumin supplement increases serum BDNF levels in healthy adults: Co-administration of iron with HydroCurc® led to significant increases in iron absorption and brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) compared to iron supplementation alone. The addition of HydroCurc® to iron supplementation may therefore provide a novel approach to further enhance the benefits associated with increased BDNF levels without any adverse side effects associated with iron intake (4).

Why Pharmako Biotechnologies is a Preferred Biogredia Partner

Award-winning producer Pharmako Biotechnologies focuses on premium ingredients that are clinically proven and which contains ingeniously advanced methods of delivery. They believe that technical innovation is key to delivering optimised functionality and improved performance for all of their products.

HydroCurc® is hand-picked by Biogredia. We believe that it will help you create a new and innovative product offering that your customers can benefit from. Do you want to learn more? Reach out to Bengt for more relevant research and information.


1. Briskey, D., Sax, A., Mallard, A. R., & Rao, A. (2019): Increased bioavailability of curcumin using a novel dispersion technology system (LipiSperse®). European Journal of Nutrition, 58(5), 2087-2097.
2. Mallard et al, 2020. Published in Journal of Dietary Supplement.
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