Levagen®+ is a powerful PEA with gold-standard clinical studies. The ingredient supports holistic health – proven to lessen joint pain and stiffness, improves exercise recovery, promotes healthy inflammation response, promotes immune health and enhances sleep.

The Need for PEA

PEA (Palmitoylethanolamide) is an endogenous fatty acid that we all produce in response to injury and stress. It is typically found in lipid extracts of foods and plants, such as egg yolk, peanut and soybean. It is also naturally present in human tissues, making it an extremely safe compound that provides a variety of benefits.  

Essentially, PEA is known for having important anti-inflammatory, analgesic (pain-relieving) and neuro-protective properties. However, our levels of PEA naturally decrease in response to inflammatory stimuli, such as old age, stress and exercise-induced inflammation. In order to restore PEA to normal levels, a supplement is necessary.

Levagen®+ A PEA with Superior Absorption

Levagen®+, from Gencor, is a clinically studied PEA that can aid in managing discomfort and enhance our overall feeling of well-being. The ingredient is non-GMO, gluten free, allergen free, and free of WADA-banned substances. It has a vast area of applications:

  • Supporting symptoms of mild to moderate osteoarthritis
  • Supporting joint function, stiffness and comfort
  • Improving sleep and promoting feelings of restfulness
  • Delaying fatigue and reducing muscle damage
  • Provide efficacy on the recovery from muscle damaging exercise
  • Promotes immune health
  • Helps support overall immunity

Levagen®+is a superior form of PEA with increased bioavailability thanks to the award-winning LipiSperse® technology. Due to its fatty nature, PEA normally has a poor absorption in the body, meaning that it also has limited format options. LipiSperse® technology, developed by Pharmako Biotechnologies, reduces surface tension and allows particles to freely disperse in the water GIT. This results in Levagen®+ having superior absorption (1).

Levagen®+ Formulations

  • Effervescent
  • Powders
  • Gels
  • Functional beverages
  • Capsules
  • Tablets
  • Gummies

Clinical Study Results for Levagen®+

Clinical studies demonstrate the benefits of Levagen®+ for:

  • Mild to moderate osteoarthritis: Levagen+® demonstrated a dose-dependent improvement (300mg and 600mg) in pain, stiffness and functions compared to the placebo (2).
  • Increasing restful sleep: Levagen+® is shown to reduce anxiety and improve QOL. As part of the endocannabinoid family, it can also promote restful sleep through indirect activation of the calm inducing CB1 receptors. This study is currently under peer review awaiting publication. (3).
  • Reduction in Menstrual Pain: a single dose of 350 mg demonstrating significant effectiveness compared to placebo from 60 minutes after supplementation. (5)
  • Increased muscle recovery: Levagen®+ significantly reduces levels of myoglobin, a marker of muscle damage, and stimulates the Akt/PkB pathway (involved in muscle protein synthesis) (4).
  • Performance: Significantly reduces lactate levels, allowing to exercise at higher intensities (4).

Why Choose Levagen®+?

  • Low dose
  • Fast acting
  • Clinically researched and proven benefits
  • Cost effective
  • Innovate beyond caps/tabs
  • Informed-Ingredient Certified by LGC. This means that every batch will be tested for the absence of WADA-banned substances.

Why Gencor is a Preferred Partner of Biogredia

Levagen®+ is a hand-picked ingredient by Biogredia. We believe that this ingredient will help you create a new and exciting product that your customers can trust and benefit from. Do you want to learn more? Contact Bengt for more relevant research and information.

Gencor offers an extensive list of branded ingredients and standardized single-herb extracts that are clinically shown to support the specific needs of athletes, exercise enthusiasts, aging adults and the general population looking for healthy living options. Gencor combines 6000 years of ayurvedic knowledge with modern scientific research and their ingredients go through rigorous scientific testing under GLP-certified conditions.

Please get in touch if you want more information or have questions about our ingredients.

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