Vitamin K2 Matrix Products from Gnosis

What is Matrix Technology?

Matrix is a novel protective technology developed to ensure K2 stability in complex formulations in creative delivery formats. Gnosis state that “Stability data show Matrix protects the vitamin K2 molecule in very harsh conditions. 6 months in Accelerated conditions being equivalent to 24 months in ambient conditions.”

Matrix technology features:

• Clean label, no coating, no additive
• Eases complex formulations
• Proprietary technology


New MenaQ7® Vitamin K2 Matrix

This premium brand is scientifically supported and spotlights the following features:

The latest in vitamin K2 protection in complex formulations including minerals

Natural protection with a short list of ingredients and no additives

Made to disperse easily in liquids (i.e. sports powders, milk powders, sachets)

Improved stability and homogeneity reduces the need for overage

With the clinically proven* bone and cardiovascular health benefits of MenaQ7® as the foundation, Gnosis by Lesaffre is raising its premium Vitamin K2 brand to new heights.

Newly Available – MenaQ7® in Organic MCT Oil

At the heart of Gnosis’s latest product development, the new MenaQ7® Natural in MCT Oil, underpins their unwavering dedication to sustainability. This Organically Certified MCT oil is derived exclusively from coconut sources. By making this conscious choice, Gnosis ensure they are offering a more sustainable solution without compromising on quality. With their deep-rooted expertise in natural Vitamin K2 production through fermentation, the holistic approach to product development is ingrained in their DNA.

MenaQ7® has consistently been a trusted brand in the vitamin K2 category, offering clinically proven products with unparalleled scientific evidence. With the introduction of the new MenaQ7® MCT Oil, Gnosis not only uphold their commitment to evolution but also expand their product range to better cater to the ever-changing needs of customers. With a diverse selection of concentrations, including 1500ppm, 10,000ppm, and 50,000ppm, customers have a more “customized” approach to meet their specific production line requirements.

vitaMK7® The new generation vitamin K2 in powder form

vitaMK7® is the optimal vitamin K2 from natural biotransformation:

a naturally derived, allergen-free vitamin K2 in the form of MK-7, produced by Gnosis by Lesaffre in its own European manufacturing site through a patented biofermentation process of Bacillus subtilis natto.


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