Research forms part of the company’s DNA

Scientific research forms part of the Pharmactive’s DNA and is the basis for the success of the ingredients it manufactures. These ingredients include affron®, ABG10+®, Liboost®, Plasys300® and Olivactive®.

Proof of this involvement in research is the collaboration with different universities to host doctoral students and accompany them during the development of their theses. This firm belief in innovation is why Pharmactive Biotech Products S.L.U. has decided to expand the facilities dedicated to the scientific-technical department.

Pharmactive's New Laboratory Facilities

R&D on a single site

After more than 5 years in which this team was divided into two laboratories (Quality and R&D), it has now been unified in a single 120m ² space, which not only offers more working space than before, but also facilitates communication between both departments.

“Among the main advantages of this move to a new laboratory is the larger space available, greater cohesion between the scientific-technical team, and greater efficiency in laboratory work. All this helps us to continue guaranteeing high quality standards in all the products we develop and commercialise, with a high capacity to adapt to customer needs“, says Marina Diez, Head of QC – R&D.

The new laboratory, also located in the Madrid Science Park, is equipped with the most advanced technology and has, among other analytical devices, seven HPLC detection systems, high-precision equipment for analysing the composition of products and substances, essential for the ingredients to offer maximum guarantees. These new facilities demonstrate the company’s clear commitment to offering products of the highest quality and with the best possible scientific backing.