Slendacor® – Clinically Supported Weight Loss Ingredient

Slendacor® Weight Management Complex is the star ingredient behind some of the world’s top-selling weight management products. Discover the potential of this incredible ingredient – and the clinical science behind it.

A Weight Loss Brand that Consumers Can Trust.

Building trust with consumers is more important than ever – and especially so if you operate in the weight loss industry. When it comes to weight loss supplements, consumers want safety and transparency. More importantly, they want to know that the clinical science behind a weight loss product is serious.

Slendacor® Weight Management Complex is supported by a broad range of pre-clinical studies and two double-blind placebo-controlled clinical studies – the gold standard of supplement science. One of these studies was even published in Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism – one of the top-rated obesity journals in the world. The study can be accessed via the Wiley Online Library.

Slendacor® is not a stimulant or an appetite suppressant. Instead, it helps the body use its own mechanisms to maintain weight control.


Slendacor® Weight Management Complex is one of the world’s top-selling weight loss ingredient. The complex helps the body use its own mechanisms to maintain weight control.

Safe and Natural Weight Management Complex

This specific complex is a patented, synergistic formulation of the three well-known spices: Curcuma Ionga, Moringa oleifera and Murray koenigii. The combination is the result of screening hundreds of different botanicals to develop synergistic performance and thereby support weight loss. More specifically, the ability to reduce lipogenesis and increase lipolysis was shown by in vitro studies in mouse 3T3 pre-adipocytes (Sengupta et al., 2011). An initial pilot study with obese participants also demonstrated weight loss efficacy in humans (Sengupta et al, 2012).


Dramatic Study Results
with Slendacor®

In the most recent study of Slendacor, one hundred and forty participants were randomized into two groups – Slendacor and placebo (n=70/group). At the end of the trial period, the Slendacor- supplemented group showed significant reductions in body weight (5.36 ±1.769 vs. 0.87 ±1.381 kg; p<0.0001) and BMI (2.05 ±0.693 vs. 0.34 ±0.559 kg/m2; p<0.0001), in comparison with the placebo. This represents an average reduction from baseline body weight in the supplemented group of 7.08% – or over 5 kg., whereas the placebo group lost only 1.16%.

Analysis showed the body weight reduction in the Slendacor group was due to the loss of fat rather than lean body mass.

This figure shows how the Slendacor-supplemented group showed significant reductions in body weight, compared to the placebo-group.

Slendacor® Formulations

Consumers are now looking to get the nutrition they want from a diverse range of product forms that are both fun and convenient. The new Slendacor® WD delivers the power of the traditional ingredient in a neutral-tasting, water-dispersible form. This means that you can use it in functional foods as well as a broad range of supplement delivery systems:

• Beverages
• Effervescent
• Capsules
• Tablets
• Powders

Key Marketing Opportunities:

Weight Management: This is the star ingredient behind some of the world’s most successful weight management brands.

Sports Nutrition: It’s perfect for building trust with active consumers. In clinical trials, improvements started fast and were consistent due to Slendacor.

Muscle Health: Obesity is a contributing factor to the development of joint pain. Consider Slendacor in your joint health formulation.

Why PLT Health Solutions is a Preferred Partner of Biogredia

Slendacor® Weight Management Complex is hand-picked ingredient by Biogredia. We believe that it will help you create new and exciting weight management products that your customers can trust. Do you want to learn more about this ingredient? Contact Bengt for more relevant research and case studies.

PLT Health Solutions is a high-quality producer with more than 70 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. The company builds on a rich commitment to helping people all around the world live healthier lives.


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