Xanthigen® is a patented combination of two natural ingredients that has been clinically proven to enhance weight loss and fat reduction. This is the perfect choice if you are looking for something a little different for your weight management product.

When it comes to weight supplements, consumers often want the latest “new thing”. However, this means that some trends inevitably lack efficacy and scientific evidence. With Xanthigen®, you can have the best of both worlds. Not only is it the top-selling weight management ingredient in South Korea – a coveted position it has held for years – but it is also being featured in some of biggest supplements in Europe. Besides being trendy, Xanthigen® is supported by solid clinical evidence.

How Does Xanthigen® Support Healthy Body Weight?

The ingredient is a proprietary, patented combination of brown seaweed extract (Undaria pinnatifida) standardized to ≥ 0.425% fucoxanthin (FX) content and pomegranate seed oil (PSO) extract rich in punicic acid (≥70%, PA). Separately, the bioactive compounds in these two ingredients target pathways involved in body weight regulation including adipocyte differentiation, resting energy expenditure and lipid metabolism. Combined in Xanthigen® they support weight loss as demonstrated by clinical research (1).

Xanthigen is not only trendy – its effects are also backed up by scientific evidence.

Xanthigen® Clinical Efficacy to Support Healthy Weight

This ingredient is supported by clinical and pre-clinical research that shows efficacy in human subjects. Its effects have been proven in a peer-reviewed, published, double-blind and placebo-controlled clinical trial. In the study, subjects consumed a controlled, calorie-reduced diet for 16 weeks along with either 600 mg Xanthigen® or a placebo. Participants using Xanthigen® daily lost an average of 14.2 pounds (6.6 kg) over sixteen weeks (2).

Significant differences in weight loss between the two groups began at 6 weeks. Xanthigen® supplementation also resulted in significant body composition improvements, including reduced body and liver fat. Additionally, improvements in blood lipids, liver enzymes and blood pressure demonstrated better overall health in subjects consuming Xanthigen®.

Xanthigen is the patented combination of two natural ingredients: Brown Seaweed and Pomegranate Seed Oil.

Applications of Xanthigen®:

  • Beverages and “shots”
  • Capsules, tablets and powders
  • Gummies and confectionaries
  • Effervescent, stick packs and soft gels

Why PLT Health Solutions is a Preferred Partner of Biogredia

Xanthigen® supports health body weight through the synergistic effects of the natural compounds found in Brown Seaweed and Pomegranate Seed Oil. It has a dual mode of function, meaning that it affects both your energy expenditures and fat reserves.

PLT Health Solutions is a high-quality producer with more than 70 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. The company builds on a rich commitment to helping people all around the world live healthier lives. Their Xanthigen® is a trendy and science-backed ingredient which is hand-picked by Biogredia.

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(2009) DIABETES, OBESITY & METABOLISM. 12. 72-81. 10.1111/j.1463-1326.2009.01132.x.

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